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We make sure that your mail reaches your target prospects or else we pay you for it

At PioneerMarketers we ensure that each mailing address compiled by us is a guaranteed deliverable. We guarantee that with a capital G. Or else, we you pay back 50 cents for each undelivered mail piece.

How our guarantee works?

Whenever a mail is returned to you by the post office owing to an invalid or erroneous address, we shall refund you 50 cents per mail piece. All you need to do is report to us within 90 days from your invoice date. Or you can even call our representative at 281-606-0279 for further details on instructions on how to mail your undelivered pieces back.

We are confident that our mailing addresses are 100% correct, that’s why we can make such outrageous claim. However, our liability shall not exceed the fee paid by the customer for a list purchase/rent.

  • In-depth research on your business scenario
  • The assurance applies to only one mailing list within 30 days of invoice and not to multiple lists.
  • This guarantee is not applicable to lists purchased for email, telemarketing and fax.
  • All undelivered mail should be returned to PioneerMarketers within 90 days of the invoice.
  • Third-party brokered lists shall not be entertained. We shall consider lists only purchased/rented from PioneerMarketers.
  • We are not accountable for any other losses incurred to the lists whatsoever.
  • PioneerMarketers reserves full rights to verify any undelivered mailing address
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“PioneerMarketers is one of those rare companies that live up to our expectations in terms of providing the best integrated marketing solutions.” Dan Weber,
Senior Marketing Analyst

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