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How to get heard in a crowd of online marketers

Online marketers cannot survive if they are not seen and heard by their customers and prospective customers (target prospects). Good content is the t trusted magic stick for demand generation (DG) and lead prospecting/hot leads (HL). It is content that can impress and convince visitors to decide whether to subscribe or not. It is content that enables prospects to trust you and finally purchase from you. Article writing, press releases, web blogs and comment posting, whitepapers, micro sites etc are some of the effective tools to get heard.

Tough competition and cost-cutting steps should not hamper marketers from spending on content management, which can ultimately lead to demand generation. Given below are the best ways to get heard in a crowd:

A+ P+ B+ W+M = DG + HL

Article writing (A)

A well-written, information-rich article plays a vital role in building trust among your prospects. Keep feeding the “Knowledge” base of your website with quality articles on a regular basis.

Press releases (P)

Press releases are among the most searched collaterals; they are popular among journalists, prospects, and anyone who wants to know about your products and services. Press releases on a regular basis, helps keep your website popular among search engines and net users.

Web Blogs and comments (B)

Corporate blogs are changing the destinies of many SMEs. From a small 5-employee firm to Fortune 500 company all are taking advantage of corporate blogs. Keep updating your blog with fresh, information rich content. Another thing that helps is posting comments on popular blogs with your blog's link.

Whitepapers (W)

Whitepapers play a vital role in online marketing promotions. Today, customers spend time researching on products before making any purchase. Information stuffed, interesting whitepapers give an opportunity to grab attention of your visitors and prospects. This in turn builds trust.

Microsites (M)

Microsites are a good way to talk about your latest offers targeting different prospects. Such sites have less content (but impressive and lucrative) than the parent website.

Online marketers should not forget that content is the face of every online business. The more attractive and appealing the content, the more people it attracts to the website. No matter how good your product and services are-it is essential that you reach those looking for it.

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