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White Papers

If you are looking to develop your indigenous knowledge about marketing, stop by and read our white papers. This is the right place to get valuable information and solutions to your marketing issues.

How to Reach New Prospects

In 2009, two strategies top for improving business profitability - acquiring new customers (44%) and customer retention (25%). Of these two tactical strategies, customer acquisition is vital to the survival of any business and includes all sales and marketing ideas used to acquire new customers.... More >>

How to Retain Existing Customers

Businesses looking for strong routes to promote profits and enhance revenues, usually end up with the “dynamic duo” of attracting new prospects and reducing expenditure. But when a more inviolable bottom line is a difficult goal, especially with the cost of new customer acquisition reaching heights, a third strategy—customer retention—has testified equally powerful.... More >>

Primer on Customer Data Management

In this competitive era organizations are banking on customer data to build, manage, convert, and analyze customer relationships. But in the zest to track customer behavior, most organization end up collecting more data than necessary. This sea of customer information from different customer touch points is now the biggest challenge to decision makers. More >>

1 in 3 Email Marketers Dont Earn Dollars

The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) states that commercial email brings $40.56 for every dollar spent on it. However, the astonishing fact is that 33% of the email marketers are not making the best of email marketing. More >>

5 Cool Tips to Make your Email marketing Mobile Friendly

With an ever increasing number for mobile phone users, we can definitely say that the future of email marketing is entwined with mobile phones. People are always on the move and they want to keep themselves updated anywhere they go. So they end up checking emails when out shopping, walking, dining, gaming, partying, and just about anywhere.. More >>

Email Campaign for Rookies

Apotential email campaign has the capability to improve the open rates, get a greater response rate and upturn your revenue. If you want to start your first email campaign, and are bothered by questions like, how to get started? What to include in emails? And how to avoid falling prey for spam? Don’t worry; this is what you can do: More >>

14 Crimes Email Marketers Commit with Landing Pages

Great landing pages are known to drastically improve the performance and profitablity of an email marketing programs. Being a marketer, if you are committing these crimes with your landing pages, you might be ruthlessly punished by the recipients. So here we have outlined 14 crimes and ways to cease those crimes. More >>

33 Point Email Campaign Checklist

You’ve sent an email, but realized that there was some incorrect information, which could have been eliminated easily. Won’t it be disheartening? We do not want our customers to feel hindered. So we have created this 33point email campaign checklist for you to check out before and after hitting the ‘send’ button. This checklist will help you to put everything in place before you send your email and also to know the performance of your email. More >>

Smiles on Customers’ faces

“PioneerMarketers is one of those rare companies that live up to our expectations in terms of providing the best integrated marketing solutions.” Dan Weber,
Senior Marketing Analyst

More >>