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How to get your website ranked in the top ten on search engines

In the arena of Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become a happening phenomenon. SEO is one of the most effective methods used where search engine marketing is concerned. Through SEO, you can set your goal to get your site ranked in the top 10 in the search engines. To top it up, you don't even have to pay for the clicks you receive. This makes your ROI very high.

Most people prefer to avoid “Sponsored Links” and click on non-sponsored listings. Thus, instead of wasting thousands of dollars on Pay-Per-Click campaigns you can use several SEO techniques to achieve higher ranking in the search results.

Steer clear from out-of-date SEO advice that can only harm your page rankings. In many cases, your website might even get banned by search engines, better known as “slapped”. Although it takes time to get top rankings but if you have a skilled SEO team working for you, your desired target can be achieved.

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If you know the skills yourself, you can also do SEO on your own. Follow this checklist to sharpen your SEO skills:

  • Don't waste your time on too many search engines. Although there are loads of them in the Internet, you'll soon find that only two or three are probably giving you good results. Focus your attention on those search engines that will bring you the most visitors.
  • Keywords are said to be the 'key-elements' of SEO. You need to spend a lot of time doing research on keywords. It is a sheer waste of time to optimize your website for keywords that are not even being searched for. Therefore, you should invest some energy into finding the best keywords. There are several SEO tools “WordTracker” & “Google Keyword Tool” available on the Internet to help you find the best keywords.
  • Once you have your selected list of keywords, insert them within the title tag. This enables the search engine robots to easily track your page once you have submitted your website in the search engines. Inserting a keyword or key phrase in the title tag will greatly improve your chances of bringing targeted traffic to your site. Make sure that the text within the title tag is also within the body of the page.
  • Scatter artfully your keywords in the text of your web page. You can even use bold tag for one or two keywords.
  • Search engines appreciate linking. The more the links of other websites to your pages, the search engines will think that your content is worthwhile.
  • Do a research on your competitor. It will give you new insight and help you pledge your campaign accordingly. Study your competitor's incoming links, search engine page rankings, the keywords they use frequently, the keywords used especially in the title tags & description.
  • Use ALT tags for your images. The ALT attribute is often overlooked, but it has been proved that optimizing the images present in your web pages will give you great results. Search engines cannot read images thus you need specific descriptions to highlight your images.
  • Avoid using high density keywords that will trigger spam filters, which may result in a penalty for your site’s ranking. Even without such a penalty, your site’s rankings will not benefit from this tactic.
  • Write original and informative articles with links to your website and submit them to different article directories. Once the article is published, by just clicking on the link the reader can track it back to your site. Your article can also generate good ranking in different search engines more quickly than websites.

Once you have carefully gone through all these checklists, you need to start submitting your website in different search engines. Avoid using search engine submission tools or softwares. They might enable you to get spam listed. Instead submit them manually yourself. It might be time consuming but by doing so your site wont get penalized or banned.

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