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Email Campaign Tracking

Do you keep a track of your prospects' interest?

Are you unable to keep track of your email campaign?

Running email campaigns without tracking response is like putting effort without knowing the goal. We don't want even a single dollar that you spent on an email campaign to go in vain. E-campTracker will assist you in tracking each step of your e-campaign.

E-campTracker is a web-based email campaign tracking solution. It helps you in knowing what exactly your customer and prospects are expecting from you. Thus, you get better chance to improve yourself. Also you will know at which time your received maximum clicks so that you can roll e-campaign accordingly.

Marketers, who aim at making high profit through email marketing, should not miss this tool. This tool will give you a clear picture of which leads are really hot and which are not. Thus, you can save your time, effort and money by concentrating on the hot leads.

With E-campTracker you can track:

  • Open and click-through rates; response and conversion rates
  • How many emails were delivered and how many failed
  • Which links found most number of clicks
  • How many contacts opt-out and give a reason
Track your email campaigns and get ROI on each dollar spent. Call us at 281-606-0279 or email us at You can also fill our contact us form for 24-hr assistance.
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