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Event Management

Your Know-it-all Marketing Assistant

What if someone can give you 100% assistance in managing your marketing events?

Marketing events hold great value for marketers, as they are a strong source for reaching prospects. Our Event management tool will streamline and manage A to Z of your marketing events.

Event Management assists you in every aspect of managing your event. It handles everything from sending out invitation and registration to report generating about the outcome - all of which demand lots of time, manpower and effort otherwise.

Whether you want to organize a trade show, or seminar, or workshop, or fair, or conference, our tools will ensure that you meet the objective of your event. Once the event is over, the prospect list will be prepared, tracking their interest and activities.

What's on offer?

  • Personalized invitations will be sent
  • Reminders with event highlights will be sent
  • Registrations will be captured
  • 'Thank you' emails will be send to all the attendees
  • Attendees will be tracked based on their interest and activities during the event
  • List of prospects will be created based on that
Allow us to manage and organize your events through our tools.
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