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Customer Profiling

Clone your best customers

Studies reveal that your top four or five clients constitute almost one fourth of your business revenues. Wouldn't it be great if you can duplicate these clients? Customer Profiling from PioneerMarketers does this for you. The process creates the profile of your ideal customer and finds prospects with similar traits.

The core customers are identified by analyzing details like response rate, purchasing history, revenue offered etc. The profile of an ideal prospect is created by recognizing the chief attributes of such core customers. This profile is then compared with the prospective customers' lists. The prospects that match the profile are located and targeted. This makes sure that you market your products and services to the red hot prospects only.

What's on offer?

  • Locate your best clients from your client list.
  • Identify their purchasing and business traits.
  • Create a list that consists of your hot prospects.
  • Handpick the prospects that best match your ideal customers.
  • Optimize your marketing ROI
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“PioneerMarketers is one of those rare companies that live up to our expectations in terms of providing the best integrated marketing solutions.” Dan Weber,
Senior Marketing Analyst

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