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What We Do


BICE provides reports and insights to provide in-depth market understanding that supports decision-making. Our customer satisfaction reports measures and monitors the quality of customer experiences and our competitor analysis reports identifies and analyses current market position and potential market competition.

Reports Objective Deliverable Objectives
Customer Satisfaction Reports Customer Health Check Reports measuring quality of customer experience, perceptions, reaction, loyalty, intent, etc.
  • In-depth insights into customer experience
  • Pain points
  • Scope for improvement
  • Analysis on current experience (quantitative and qualitative)
  • Recommendations
    • What is good and should continue being done
    • What should be done or introduced to improve customer experience
Competitor Analysis Analysis of current and potential market competition. Reports identifying and analyzing competition in the market
  • Analyzing the current competition
  • Identifying current market position


Through evaluation of market attractiveness and brand performance, BICE provides actionable strategies and solutions to enable identification of entry opportunities into the market.

Reports Objective Deliverable Objectives
Market Attractiveness Evaluation
Comprehensive report on market size, competitive presence, customer behavior and channel trends
Reports identifying market attractiveness of company / brand
  • Identification of market size of reach product / brand
  • Identification of competitive presence
  • Identification of customer behavior
  • Identification of channel trends
Product / Brand Testing
How Products / Brands are performing
Reports measuring of performance of your product / brand
  • In-depth Insights into performance of products / brand
  • What drives selection of product / brand


In order to gain an idea of opportunities and current assessment of business strategies, BICE provides evaluation reports and performance assessments of brand and concept testing. Our communication planning reports identify opportunities to influence prospective customers through different channels.

Reports Objective Deliverable Objectives
Concept Testing
Evaluation of potential products and solutions; needs, wants and preferences of prospective customers
Evaluation reports on identifying potential solutions that will capture attention of prospective customers
  • Identification and clarification of needs, wants and preferences
  • Identification of new concepts, solutions and services based on analysis
Communications Planning
What are information sources, prospective customers are paying attention to.
Reports identifying opportunities and ways on influencing prospective customers
  • Channels on how to reach them
  • Opportunities to influence target customers
  • Effective ways to communicate

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