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How We Do It

Work Methodology


Reports Description
Company Research Reports In-depth reports on a particular company or specific business function of the company.
Industry Research Reports In-depth reports on a particular industry or specific sectors within an industry.
Competitive Intelligence Research Reports Reports that provides a strategic landscape of the competitive environment and provides solutions based on challenges in the industry.
Market Entry Reports
Market Assessment Reports
Market Tracking Reports
Comprehensive reports on market size, competitive presence, customer behavior and channel trends.
Acquisition Research Reports that will identify areas of potential acquisitions, comprehensive details about the company, its current market presence and penetration.
Advertising Testing Research Advertising testing research reports enable companies measure the awareness and effectiveness of campaigns, in order to enable companies develop their own campaign effectively.
Customer Loyalty Customer loyalty research reports are designed to maintain and improve loyalty through surveys. By understanding what satisfies the customer it is possible to increase repeat and returning buyers.
Employee Satisfaction Employee satisfaction reports assess current workplace environments, internal communications, management styles, corporate culture and image.


BICE provides business intelligence, market analysis and custom solutions, utilizing in-depth market research methodologies. Market research is essential in facilitating tactical and strategic planning, in order to cater to the dynamic and competitive B2B market environment.

Our solutions are customized to individual company objectives and requirements, to provide them with leverage and drive business growth. We provide quantitative and qualitative market research solutions, which serve as a decision making tool.

The research team at BICE, has experienced professionals, who work closely with clients, understand their requirements, and provide clear objectives to make the research process organized, transparent and comprehensive,


Insights on the industry

Identify Insights to Develop Concepts


Access Data, Templates, Tools and Reports

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